300キロちょっとの移動でDRCコンゴに入国したところで一泊し翌日キンシャサを目指す予定し、悪路を想定してウイジェを朝6:00過ぎに出発した。【ホテルサララ:USD200朝食込み】朝早く出るので朝食を早めに摂りたいと前日にホテルスタッフにいうと「NO problem, OK」とのことだったが実際はダメだった。結局、手持ちのパンを一つかじりし、朝食はそれで終了。

I've planned that I drive about 300 km to enter DRC Congo and stay there then I drive toward to Kinshasa next day, so I left Uige around 6:00 am because I expected that I would have bad road situation. [Hotel Salala : 200USD including breakfast] I've asked a hotel staff that I'd like to have breakfast earlier then he said "No problem, OK", but actually I couldn't have it. At last I ate one piece of bread which I had then done for the breakfast.


When I tried to fill gas to my motorbike, there was a long line. This is symbolism of current Angola also. When I was looking for a gas station in Negage which is next town from Uige, one motorbike rider took me to a gas station kindly. So grateful. The road situation which go forward to DRC Congo is very good, so I could be speedy. I've thought that I might be able to arrive at Kinshasa if I can drive smoothly like this, but I thought that shouldn't have like this wishing thinking then the road suddenly changed to bad (gravel) road right before the town of Damba! It was very dangerous... *sweat* The road situation was getting worth from normal gravel, and the worst thin was deep sand. Eventually I fell down 3 times today. One of it, I fell down because of a deep wheel track and when I fell down, my left leg got caught between my pania case and the road. 

相変わらずスピードは出ていないのでケガは無いが、足が挟まれた状態で身動きが出来ずバイクを起こすことが出来ない。どうやっても足を抜くことが出来ない状態。今まで道の左右に現地の人が沢山歩いていたのにこういう時に限って誰もいない。前からも後ろからも車も来ない。転倒状態のまま、クラクションを鳴らしてみた。私的には「SOS」のつもりのように(笑) そうすると前方遠くから音が聞こえてきた。遠くにオートバイが見えてきた!それも二人乗り(嬉) 彼らに助けを求める私のジェスチャーですぐに状況が判ったようですぐにバイクを私の近くに停め駆けつけてくれバイクを起こしてくれた。助かった。もうすべての転倒時に人に助けてもらっている。本当に有り難い。ちょっとした御礼を差し出すと皆、もの凄く嬉しそうな顔が印象的だった。

I didn't get hurt because I drove slowly as usual but I cannot let my motorbike stand up because my leg got caught and move my body.I couldn't make it to take off my leg from there even I tried many ways. There were some people walking around here but nobody walk around only like this case. No cars comes from front or back. I blew the horn as falling. It means "SOS for me, (LOL) Then I could hear some sound from the front. I can see a motorbike far! It is also a two-seater. *happy* They understood right way from my gesture of SOS sign, so they parked close by me and helped me. I was saved. I've helped from people at every my falling. I greatly appreciate it. When I presented slight gratitude, I was impressive to have worn the face which seems to be glad to everybody.    

そんな今までにない悪路が長時間続き体力も限界!と思った時、ポリスストップがあった。こんな時は検問大歓迎!(笑) 誰かと話したかった気分だった。検問に到着した途端、私が警官達の横に座り込んだのを見て相当疲れているのを察知し特に何も言わなかった。逆に私がコーラを買いたいのだが、どこで買える?と聞くとなんと、警官(?)が買いにいってくれた。またまた感謝。本当にアンゴラは素晴らしい!!と感動していた。

When I felt that the bad road had continued long time than ever so my physical limits came, there is a police stop! I can welcome for the police stop like this timing! (LOL) I felt like wanting to talk to someone. They saw that I made a stop there and collapsed to next to the police, so they understood that I'm exhausted and didn't say anything. But I asked them where I can buy a coke then the police(?) went to but it for me. So thankful again. I impressed that Angola is wonderful!!!


But, it still continued... The distance was totally different from the info from the police, and the border was far far far away. I don't know when I can arrive at the border if I keep continuing for driving like this slow speed, and I don't know how long does it take to pass the border either. I looked for accommodations in a town which is likely to have a hotel a little early taking advantage of the last teachings this time. 

結局、国境手前のマケラという町に入ったところで通行人に聞いてみると2キロほど先に宿があるという。ちょうど2キロ走ったところで道ばたにバイクを停めて辺りを見回しているとすぐ脇から声をかけてくる男性がいた。宿を探しているというと、ここだよと言ってバイクを停めるところを案内してくれた。ラッキー。これまた今までにない宿(アフリカペンション)で建物の中の暗い通路を通り部屋の通されるとまさに部屋にベッドがおいてあるだけ。シーツがいつ換えたか不明。タオルが一枚掛かっているがすでに汚れている。トイレは屋外の共同、シャワーは?と聞くとここだよとってドラム官にためてある雨水を桶でかぶるんだと(笑) こうしてブログをベッドの上で打っていると何やら床を動くモノが。小さいネズミだ。それでも宿に辿り着けた嬉しさと安堵感はひとしおで何も気にならない。

Eventually, I came to the town calls Maquela that is right before the border and asked someone about a hotel, then he told me that there is a hotel in 2 km away from here. After stopping the motorbike at the roadside in the place which I drove 2 km exactly and looking around the neighborhood, I had the man who speaks from the side. I said I'm looking for a hotel then he told me that here is a hotel and take me to the parking spot. Lucky! It is the first time for me to stay like this kind of hotel (African resort inn), and the staff have me pass through the dark passage in a building to go to my room, then actually there is just only one bed in the room. I have no idea that when the sheet has been washed. There is one towel but it's already dirty. Toilet is outside and in common use. I asked him how about a bath? Then he showed me that there is a drum which hold rain water in, and use it for a bath. (LOL) While I'm writing this with my laptop now, small something is moving on the floor. It's rat. But I don't care about anything because I feel so happy and relieved that I could arrive to the hotel.

(African pension) 


[Unknown name: A resort inn in Maquela: 25USD with no meal]

さすがにドラム缶にたまった雨水(?)は使いたくなかったので外に水を多めに買い自分のタオルで体を拭く事にした。そこで事件発生。部屋に入り一息ついていて荷物を整理しているとドアを心なしか力強くノックする。ドアを開けるとごつい黒人ともうひとり警官が立っている。ポリスの腕章を指差しながら私を連行したのだ!英語が通じないので何を聞いても話しにならない。そのまま10分ほど徒歩で警察署に連れて行かれパスポートを見せろという。何度理由を聞いても明確に答えない。ついにiPhoneのソフトを使って日本大使館に連絡すると強い態度で怒って言ってみるとわかった、もういいよ、解放、と。何なんだ?!ホテルに戻り部屋に入るとまたノックが。また警察。今度はバイクが問題だと。このバイクはここに置くのでは無く警察署で預かると。そんな馬鹿な、何を言っているんだと日本語、英語、ジェスチャーを交えて一生懸命伝えていると英語が話せる人が入ってきた。その人に通訳をしてもらいながらこんなことは今までアフリカを走ってきて初めてだということも伝えた。しばらく話して結局は警察官は賄賂が欲しいだけだった。通訳とその警官はビールを一本づつおごってくれたらそれでいいんだけど・・と言ってきた。もうメンドクサイから300クワンザ(300円)払ったら態度一変(笑) 警察官はもうこれで全て終了!良く寝て下さいだって(苦笑) そして部屋に入ったら誰かがノックしても開けるなと。もう、あきれてしまう。そういえばアンゴラに入ってから今まで3回ほど私が部屋にいるのにホテルの従業員が勝手に部屋に入ってくることがあってビックリすることがあった。それ以来チェーンロックが付いているところは確実に閉めるようにしている。

It was little too much for me to use rain water in a drum, so I went to buy extra water at outside, and wiped my body by my towel. Then one incident occurred. I was in my room and tidy up my stuff then someone knocked my door strongly. When I opened, one big black man and one police were standing. He showed me the police arm badge and picked up! They don't understand English at all, so even I say something, didn't work. I was taken to the police station on foot about 10 minutes as it was, and was said that show me your passport passport. I asked them the reason why I was picked up many time but cannot get a clear answer. Finally I used translation function as my iPhone Apps and told them that I'm going to contact to Japanese Embassy and I expressed my anger attitude strongly, then they say it's OK and released me. What the hell was that?! When I came back to my room in the hotel, I got hear knocking the door again. They said say that my motorbike is a problem this time. They also said that this motorbike cannot park here, so take it to the police station and hold. I was telling that "No way! What are you talking about?" in Japanese, English and gesture to them then one person who can speak English came. I had him to translate and told them that I've never got like this situation since I started to drive in Africa. We talked a while then I found out that they wanted to get backhander. The guy who translated and the police said it is fine if I buy them beer... It was tiresome for me, so I gave them 300 Kwanza (300 JPY) then their attitude has been totally changed.(LOL) The police said "It's all done! Have a good sleep" *bitter smile* And also said never open the door after getting into the room again even someone knock the door. Word fail me. Well, since I came to Angola, there was 3 times that hotel staff came into my room without my permission. Since then, I've locked my door by chain if there is a chain lock.  



Uige at dawn. 



There were many people kind also here. 



I can never be bored of Angola's scenery. It is so much fun for driving if the road situation is good.



They are people who came to me when I fell at deep sand. They have a huge hatchet.Hunters?



I did again.



My leg got caught this time and cannot take off!!! 



The motorbike of the police man who came to buy me a coke. The brand was LINGKEN. Where did it made from?


The police men who were kind to me.



The dark passage in the resort inn which I finally arrived at.



The toilet is clean.



The bath room? (LOL)



I parked my motorbike in the backyard. 



They said it's safe in the gate.



Appearance of the inn.



Took this at a pharmacy which I bought water.



Appearance of a pharmacy. Everyone spend their time as they please.



The center area in Maquela.



Many kinds of things are sold on a street bazaar. Never be bored to see it.



When I focused to kids who were eating sugar canes, he started to bite it.



There are 2 magical shops. They seemed to show enigmatic performance in there and so popular to kids, but I couldn't come in because too many kids. (LOL)



A bare light bulb.


The room which has plugs and a fan. It's good enough :)

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