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I received happy news today too!!
なかむらひとみ Today is my birthday, so I will donate. I hope that it is good in the chain of "being contribution to my birthday for myself" spreading. I will be rooting for Tatsuya's thi big adventure continuously.  (^-^)/ When you come back to Japan, let's have a Motsu-Nabe party will our buddies! I will donate 10000 JPY for this challenge! NAKAMURA HITOMI-SAN 2011-12-19 04:59:54

Hitomi-chan, Happy Birthday^^
I'm so impressed your comment!
I'm also hoping and continuing this journey that  it is good in the chain of "being contribution to my birthday for myself" spreading!

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Puno (Peru) - La Paz (Bolivia) Trip

Sunday, December 18th, 2011
Distance: 310 km
Starting time: 7:10
Arrival time: 15:00 (Time difference +1hr)
Weather: Fine with occasional rain
Temperature: 4℃ - 14℃

I will leave Peru today.
Many tourists visit and enjoy the float island in Lake Titicaca in Puno.


When I went to the harbor in the morning, many tourist ships and fishing boats were preparing the departure.
Since today is Sunday, there is also a market and so active!

I drive like 1.5 hour and arrive in the town Yunguyo of the border.
This border is in the peninsula overhanging into Lake Titicaca.

The procedure of entrance into a country and departure from a country  in the border was finished very smoothly.

I saw so many tourists especially the people from Europe, and also Japanese people here.
I feel South American popularity and  good public safety and order.

I pass through the town of the border and drive along the lakeside!

Good-bye, Peru,  Hello,  Bolivia!!

Finally I achieved 60 countries!!!!

I can't believe that I've driven around the earth and 60 countries.

What I can say about this lakeside is great.

Continuation of sighs

The color of sky and lake water are amazing!
It's  incredible deep blue.
The color is like Cote d'Azur in South France.

Though I've already crossed the border, I have to go across Tiquina Channel which crosses Lake Titicaca for going to real Bolivia.

Although it is in the middle of the main trunk road which connects Bolivia to Peru, there is neither a tunnel nor a bridge.
Since I was not able to find the information on the boarding method in advance, I was little anxious, but when I went there, the middle age man who was near the harbor said,

"Ride that on!"

and he pointed it out.

"Whar?! Which one?!"

About a ticket for boarding or something..?

A young man try to do gesture which says like "hurry up! hurry up!", so I go over there then one car has already been in the wooden boat.

Wow, this is it!

By the very unstable floor, my motorbike became breaking down from a shock in case a boat leaves for a moment. Scary...

Cast off safely!


With local(?) people.


Many boats are going Peru and Bolivia side back and forth.
In the same state, what stacked 2 cars is going to Peru side as I have ridden.



Oh I see, when tourists cross the border by the land rout, they will do like this.

Though I've been in the boar about 15 min, I felt so great!
When we become close to arrival, a boat man come to charge us.
It's 20Bs. (200 JPY)

When I arrived the lakeside of Bolivia, it's close by lunch time, so I have a lunch at cafe.

I order a recommendation menu from the cafe as usual.
First, it's Chairo as traditional Bolivian food.
It's a soup with beans, potatoes, vegetables and beef.
It's taste good.


Since which country is it that bread comes as  side dish automatically?

It's called Guiso de carne and cooked with macaroni, veges and ram.
It's taste good too.
With soda, it's 15Bs (170 JPY).
Prices of Bolivia are cheap.

I pass through wonderful view of lakeside and drive the highlands called Altiplano.
Since I drive the altitude of around 4000 m,  the temperature turns around 10 ℃, so it' cold.

Traffic jam starts in the place run about 100 km from the lakeside.
Around there is La Paz.
Although Sucre is a capital on the constitution, since government functions have centered in La Paz, it is known as a capital of substance.

Well, it's heavy traffic jam!

I cannot move...

Since it is in the circumference about the 6000m mountains in Andes, the town is like an earthenware mortar.

Population is 1.1million people, and altitude is 4000 m at a higher place and  3600 m for lower place which is the center of the twon.

It gives the poverty of Bolivia that there are many people who is begging at side of a road and old model of cars.

But people are good looking, so there are many beautiful and cute women!

When I visit Plaza Hotel, there is a vacancy of room as $90 per night.
Although it's 5 stars hotel, it's 7000 JPY per night!
If it is in Japan, it will be 30000 JPY per night.

There is a famous Japanese restaurant for local people near my hotel.

The restaurant which is "KEN-Chan" is at 3rd floor in Japanese hall.

It's completely Japanese restaurant!

First,  dumplings!
Yes, it's good!


"Stamina Ramen"
If I am in Japan, probably it's OK taste, but I've not had Japanese Ramen since Vancouver, so it's VERY tasty! and I ate at once.

I expected that there is an owner who is similar to Ken Shimura who is a Japanese comedian from the name of the restaurant, but it seems there is no Japanese owner and only some local Bolivian people work there.
Too bad.

I could see some Japanese who probably live there.
Bolivia is also a town with many migrants from Japan.

I will stay in La Paz for few days, and I'm going to do maintenance of the motorbike and prepare for further things.

<The border information> Yunguyo (Peru)

[Peru side]
1. Police: Stamp at the stub which I wrote the tourist card when I did immigration.
2. Immigration: Departure stamp is stamped at passport.
3. Customs (Aduana): Cancellation of Permiso.

[Bolivia side]
1. Immigration: Write a tourist card. Immigration stamp is stamped at passport.
2. Copy of passport (only picture page) and registration at copy shop next to the immigration.
3. Customs: Based on 2 copies of above documents, original documents is submitted and create a permiso.

It's free both of countries border without fee of copy (2Bs = 21 JPY) for the document.

<Mika Igisu for Tatsuya Yamada>